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DIN Forged Steel Flanged Globe Valve

DIN forged steel flanged globe valve is a valve in which the closing member moves linearly along the center line of the valve seat. Because the opening or closing stroke of the valve stem is relatively short, and it has a very reliable cut-off function, and because the change of the valve seat port is in direct proportion to the stroke of the valve flap, it is very suitable for flow adjustment. It can be used for cutting off or regulating and throttling the fluid pipelines of tap water, sewage, construction, food, electricity, medicine, metallurgy, textile, energy, etc. The DIN forged steel flanged globe valve is generally connected to the pipeline by flange connection or welding connection. Optional driving devices are: handwheel, bevel gear, electric, pneumatic, etc.
  • 1/2“-2”

DIN Forged Steel Flanged Globe Valve   

        J-VALVES DIN forged steel flanged globe valve belong to mandatory, so the valve is closed, must be pressure on the disc, to force a sealing surface does not leak when medium by disc below into the valve 6, operating force required to overcome resistance, is stem and packing of the friction force and thrust produced by medium pressure, close the valve force stronger than open the valve, so it's bigger, the diameter of the stem or stem top bending failure happensIn recent years, from the valve seal, flange globe valve is replaced by the disc above the medium flow direction into the valve cavity, in the medium pressure at this moment, close the valve of the force is small, and the strength of the valve, the valve stem diameter can be correspondingly reduced at the same time, in the role of media, this kind of valve is hermetically sealed and STL surfacing disc can increase the service life of the wear resistant and corrosion products longer can install the hand wheel, bevel gear, pneumatic, electric, hydraulic actuator, and so on

       J-VALVES DIN forged steel globe valve are designed, constructed, and tested according to DIN Standards. Other international standards including API, ASME ,ANSI, JIS and  BS are also available upon request.

1.DIN Forged Steel Flanged Globe Valve Technical specifications:

Bolted Body, Full Port Construction

Standard Compliance: DIN3356

Pressure-Temp. Rating: DIN2401

Face to Face: DIN3202

End Flange: DIN 2543-2545 or DIN2501

Butt Welding Ends: DIN3239

Inspection and Test: DIN3230


2.DIN Forged Steel Flanged Globe Valve Product Specification:

Size: 1/2''-2''(DN15~DN50)

Pressure Rating: 150LB-2500LB/PN16~PN100/10K~60K)

Material: A351 CF8M/CF8/CF3/CF3M, A216 WCB, A352 LCB/LCC,F51/F53/F304/F304L/F316/C95800

Connection pattern:RF,RTJ,BW

Suitable Temperature: -196ºC~450ºC( Different temperature choose different materials).

Suitable Medium: Water, Steam, Oil and natural gas etc.


3.DIN Forged Steel Flanged Globe Valve Product Feature:

The structure of the DIN globe valve body includes straight-through, direct-flow and right-angle.

The medium flow direction of the shut-off valve has two kinds of "low inlet, high outlet" and "high inlet and low outlet". Only the medium is allowed to flow in one direction, and the installation has directionality.

When the shut-off valve is opened, when the opening height of the valve flap reaches 25% to 30% of the nominal diameter of the shut-off valve, the flow has reached the maximum, which means that the shut-off valve has reached the fully open position.

l The structure of the globe valve is simpler than that of the gate valve, and it is more convenient to manufacture and maintain.

The sealing surface is not easy to wear and scratch, and the sealing performance is good. There is no relative sliding between the valve disc and the sealing surface of the valve body when opening and closing, so the wear and scratches are not serious, the sealing performance is good, and the service life is long.

WCB+13Cr,WCB+STL ,304,316 seat seal( Seat seal material could be decided by customer's request or according to valve's medium & temp. condition).

Operation: Hand wheel, Worm wheel, Pneumatic actuator & Electric Actuator.


4.DIN Forged Steel Flanged Globe Valve Product Drawing:


Note: All the data should be confirmed with the approved drawings of manufacturer.



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