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Stainless Steel Flange Y Strainer

Stainless steel flange Y strainer is used as an indispensable device in water, oil and gas pipelines and various equipment. It mainly removes the medium in the pipe to protect the pressure reducing valve, pressure relief valve, fixed water level valve and water pump. Reach normal operation. When installing, please install it at the entrance. Generally, the water filter uses 10-30 mesh/cm2, the air filter uses 40-100 mesh/cm2, and the oil filter uses 60-200 mesh/cm2.
  • 2“-36”

Stainless Steel Flange Y Strainer

        J-VALVES stainless steel flange Y strainer belongs to the pipeline coarse filter series, which can be used to filter large particles of gas and other media. It can be installed on the pipeline to remove large solid impurities in the fluid. Mechanical equipment (including compressors, pumps, etc.), and the instrument can be normal Work to achieve a stable process and play a role in safe production. The Y-type filter has the advantages of simple production, convenient installation and cleaning, and large pollution.

        DIN cast steel Y strainer is an indispensable filter device for transporting fluid media to the pipeline system. Y-type strainers are usually installed at the inlet of pressure reducing valves, pressure reducing valves, shut-off valves (such as the water supply end of indoor heating pipes) or other equipment to remove foreign matter in the medium and protect the normal use of valves or equipment. The Y-type strainer has advanced structure, low resistance and convenient discharge.ANSI flange Y strainer is mainly composed of connecting pipe, main pipe, filter screen, flange, flange cover and fasteners. When the liquid enters the filter basket through the main pipe, the solid impurity particles are intercepted in the filter basket, and the clean fluid is discharged from the filter screen outlet through the filter basket.

       In order to improve its strength, the strainer mesh is made into a cylindrical filter basket shape, which is stronger than a single-layer mesh, and the flange cover at the lower end of the Y-shaped interface can be unscrewed to regularly remove the particulate impurities deposited in the filter basket.

       J-VALVES stainless steel Y strainer are designed, constructed, and tested according to ANSI Standards. Other international standards including DIN and JIS are also available upon request.

1.Stainless Steel Flange Y Strainer Technical specifications:

Bolted Body, Y-Pattern

Standard Compliance: ANSI B16.34

Face to Face: ANSI B16.10

End Flange: ANSI B16.5

Butt Welding Ends: ANSI B16.25


Material standard: ANSI/ASTM


2.Stainless Steel Flange Y Strainer Product Specification:

Size: 2''-36''(DN50~DN900)

Pressure Rating: 150LB-2500LB/PN16~PN100/10K~60K)

Material: A351 CF8M/CF8/CF3/CF3M, A216 WCB, A352 LCB/LCC,F51/F53/F304/F304L/F316/C95800

Connection pattern:RF,RTJ

Suitable Temperature: -29ºC~450ºC( Different temperature choose different materials)

Suitable Medium: Water, Steam, Oil and natural gas etc.


3.Stainless Steel Flange Y Strainer Product Feature:

The Y strainer screen adopts stainless steel double-layer mesh structure, which is strong and durable. It has the characteristics of advanced structure, low flow resistance and convenient sewage discharge.

It can be used in a variety of media such as water, steam, oil, nitric acid, urea, and oxidizing media.

According to the needs of customers, set the number of meshes of the filter. Generally, the water network is 18-30 mesh, the ventilation network is 40-100 mesh, and the oil network is 100-480 mesh.

l The Y-type filter can also be combined with a telescopic joint to form a Y-type pull rod telescopic filter with adjustable installation length.

When the Y strainer needs to be cleaned, just take out the detachable filter cartridge, remove the filtered impurities, and reinstall it, which is extremely convenient to use and maintain.

The Stainless Steel Flange Y Strainer body is small, the filter eye is fine, the resistance is high, the effect is high, the installation and maintenance are convenient, the cost is low, and the parallel drainage time is short. For the general small model, it only takes 5-10 minutes


4.Stainless Steel Flange Y Strainer Product Drawing:

ANSI flange Y strainer

Note: All the data should be confirmed with the approved drawings of manufacturer.



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