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Client case

J-VALVES are a professional Gate Valve,Globe Valve,Swing Check Valve manufacturer and supplier in China. Here you can find high-quality products in a competitive price. Including cast steel gate valves,cast steel globe valves,cast steel check valves,API600 gate valves,BS1873 globe valves,BS1868 check valves,Stainless steel gate valve, high-pressure self-sealing gate valve, bellows globe valve, API6D gate valve, DIN gate valve, DIN globe valve,BW Gate Valve,API6D Gate valve,API6D check valve,wafer check valve etc, Also we supply OEM service of products for you.
After many technical discussions, we obtained through the agent including cast steel gate valve, API600 gate valve, cast steel globe valve, API6D swing check valve, high pressure valve and other product specifications, from 1/2 inch to 24 inches, Pressure range from 150Lb to 2500Lb
olso have Cast Steel Globe Valve,Swing Check Valve,JIS Gate valve
  J-VALVES is sent to American cast steel globe valves and swing check valve 600#, the customer comes to Houston, USA, the products will be used on oil pipelines, and the products sent are also cast steel gate valves
Product inspection standard API598, globe valves made in China are sent more and more overseas, and are favored by many customers
Cast steel globe valves and cast steel check valves are used in oil and gas, chemical engineering, water treatment, and marine engineering
20" 300# API600 Gate valve, a total of 12 units, the customer comes from the Italian valve company, we as OEM processing to help them complete the order. The production cycle of the order is 45 days. During the acceptance process, the customer is very satisfied, J- VALVES has also been widely recognized.
      API600 gate valve can also be called cast steel gate valve, carbon steel gate valve, stainless steel gate valve, API6D gate valve
J-VALVES 16inch 300# Swing Check Valve sent to Petrobras, design standard API6D, inspection standard API6D, flange standard ASME B16.5
     Swing check valve has been our main export products, including cast steel gate valve, cast steel globe valve, Y strainer, and other products, factory direct price discount
Brazil's Cast Steel Gate Valve has huge market space and is the key direction of our future development. We also seek agents, and we will give the best service
J-VALVES 24"900# Swing Check Valve RTJ is exported to Turkey. They are produced and accepted in strict accordance with European standards. It took 35 days from order to delivery. The customer received a satisfactory response from Swing Check Valve.
The Turkish market has always been a very important part of us. Every year we send Swing Check Valve to Turkey, which is worth about 500,000 USD. It is expected that our export orders to Turkey will increase to USD 1 million in the next two years.
J-VALVES Big size Gate Valve are widely used in oil and gas water supply systems. This batch of goods originated from orders from Russian customers. We have been vigorously developing the Russian market and have received great feedback. Large-size Gate Valve will be produced by Cast, which will have great advantages in cost control and production cycle.
   Big sized Cast Steel products have more stable performance and play a role of switching safety in the pipeline.


Products: API600 Gate Valve,Cast Steel Globe Valve,Swing Check Valve,Industrial Valve